Tristan Eckerson is an Electronic Musician and Producer that is truly hard to categorize:  A classically trained Pianist that produces Electronic Dance Music.  An EDM Producer that doesn't DJ.  A Composer, Arranger, and Songwriter that has scored multiple award winning films and commercials.  A Keyboardist that has performed and recorded throughout the country in countless Jazz, Funk, Indie Rock, and Pop groups.  Whatever you want to call him, Tristan is a hard working, talented, and visionary artist who is genuinely pushing the boundaries of Electronic Dance Music.  Crossing and blending genres with ease, Tristan has been churning out material that takes listeners on a journey and makes them move, and there seems to be no sign of him slowing down in the near future.  With each new track that he releases, Tristan infuses his eclectic experiences, interests, and unique vision into a style of music that is completely fresh and new to the world of Electronic Dance Music.

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