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Tristan Eckerson is an electronic musician and producer that doesn't understand the concept of lines.  You know those lines that everyone told you to color inside of when you were a kid?  Those lines have never existed for Tristan, and that nonexistence shows through in every aspect of his eclectic and ever expanding body of work.  Ambient one day, techno or deep house the next, hip hop the third, and maybe funk, afro-beat, or Ethiopian jazz by the end of the week.  That's how the ball rolls in Tristan's creative world, as he unashamedly pushes the boundaries of electronic music and the many worlds encompassed within it.  From growing up playing classical piano, to performing in jazz and funk groups throughout his college years, to writing string arrangements for indie rock groups and composing music for films during his time living in San Francisco, and finally to writing and producing electronic music of all genres and styles, Tristan has truly taken the road less traveled by as an artist, and the soul searching has certainly paid off.  As his addiction to electronic music intensifies, Tristan continues to crank out material at a breakneck speed, and he isn't showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.  As Tristan's eclectic influences and interests continue to grow, morph, and expand into new worlds, we can certainly expect to hear more and more of his unique brand of electronic music in the very near future.

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